Aims to effectively represent the views, voices, needs and interests of NGOs at the UNITAID Board and Committee level, and to report back to the constituency on its activities.
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The UNITAID Board is the decision making body of UNITAID and has 12 Board Members, including a Board Member representing NGOs.The NGOs Board Member is supported by the NGO delegation, a group of more than 250 NGOs working to end AIDS, TB, Malaria and Hepatitis C. NGOs can contribute to the delegation by joining the contact group – an advisory body and sounding board which provides input to Board Members on key UNITAID issues. Any NGOs working on AIDS, TB, Malaria or Hepatitis C can join the contact group. Communities living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and HCV can apply to join the Communities delegation.

To apply to join the NGO contact group please fill out the form. All applications are reviewed by the Liaison Officer and the Board Members before membership is confirmed.

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