Anyone working for an NGO on the global response to HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria or HCV can join the NGO delegation


Liaison Officer

Board Member

Contact Group:

The UNITAID NGO delegation Contact Group is a broad group of stakeholders who are interested in following the activities of the NGO delegation to UNITAID Board. The Contact Group acts as an advisory body and sounding board, providing input to Board members’ stances on key UNITAID issues, and ensuring that Board members effectively and accountably represent their wider constituencies of NGOs.

Contact Group members will:

  • Receive regular updates on the activities of the UNITAID NGO delegation
  • Have the opportunity to review confidential Board documents, feeding into Board members meeting talking points
  • Receive invitations to attend teleconferences, to discuss key issues relating to UNITAID, and to hear feedback from major meetings
  • Be invited to apply to attend the NGO delegation’s pre-Board meetings and UNITAID Board Meetings
  • Be asked to comply with the NGO delegation Conflict of Interest Policy (2023)

Any NGO working to fight HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria or HCV, may join the NGO delegation Contact Group.

To apply to join the contact group please fill out the form. All applications are reviewed by the Liaison Officer and the Board Members before membership is confirmed.

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The Communities Delegation to the UNITAID board aims for a UNITAID in which people living with and affected by HIV, TB and Malaria and those co-infected with HIV and HCV have access to tests, medicines and products that prevent new infections, that are affordable and meet their needs. The delegation represents the communities and their views at UNITAID Board and Committee level and ensures the voices from the communities positively influence the decisions, priorities, programmes and overall impact of UNITAID, at Board and country level. The delegation members also report back to their respective communities.

The Communities Delegation has a maximum of 30 members (inclusive of the leadership) and will strive to achieve a minimum of 5 Delegates from the HIV community, 5 from malaria, 5 from tuberculosis, 5 from HIV/HCV co-infection and 10 from cross-cutting areas such as market dynamics, pricing, new drug product development, intellectual property etc. Membership of the Communities Delegation is on an individual basis. To apply, the individual must be a person living with HIV, living with or had Tuberculosis; living with, or working with, communities affected by Malaria; or living with or had HIV/HCV co-infection. Download the handbook to learn more about applying to join the delegation.