The Unitaid NGO Delegation acts as an advisory body to the NGO Board Member and Alternate Board Member, providing input on key Unitaid issues to ensure the views, voices, needs and interests of NGOs are represented at the Unitaid Board and Committee level. 

Any individual affiliated to an NGO working on the global response to HIV, TB, malaria may apply to join the delegation. We also welcome members from NGOs working on other key areas relevant to the work of Unitaid such as hepatitis C, cervical cancer, chagas disease, or RMNCH. 

NGO Delegation members will have the opportunity to: 

  • Input into the NGO Delegation strategy 
  • Apply to attend the Unitaid Executive Board as a member of the delegation (as well as the NGO Delegation pre-board meeting)
  • Review Board and Committee meeting documents, inputting into delegation feedback 
  • Review project proposals, inputting into the delegation decision and feedback
  • Apply to attend the Unitaid Delegation Strategy meeting 
  • Attend teleconferences to discuss key issues relating to Unitaid, and to hear feedback from meetings

All delegation members will be asked to comply with the NGO Delegation conflict of interest policy. 

To apply to join the contact group please complete the form saved here. All applications are reviewed by the Liaison Officer and Board Members before membership is confirmed.

Further information about the Unitaid NGO Delegation can be found:

If you have any questions, please email: (NGO Delegation Liaison Officer (Unitaid Board))