STOPAIDS and the Unitaid NGO Delegation co-hosted a session on ‘Overcoming barriers to achieving the 90-90-90 targets in the time of COVID-19: a holistic look at prices and accessibility of medicines and diagnostics’ as part of the Global Village at AIDS2020.

There is an urgent need for a discussion on how to address the barriers that’s preventing the international community from achieving the 90-90-90 and other global HIV targets. For example, how can we stop new ARVs from remaining prohibitively expensive in middle income countries? How can we protect HIV treatment access in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic? What lessons should we take from the Covid-19 response? Bringing together a panel of leading community, civil society and intergovernmental actors; this discussion explores these key questions and wider multifaceted challenges in the access to medicines space. We share best practice and reflect on how the international community must work together to achieve global HIV targets.


Philippe Duneton, Unitaid

Meg Doherty, WHO

Fifa Rahman, Unitaid NGO Delegation

Mike Podmore, STOPAIDS

Ketholelie Angami, ARK Foundation

Rohit Malpani, Unitaid NGO Delegation